IBBY Italy

Lampedusa: IBBY Camp / Call for volunteers (22–29 October 2023)

On behalf of Deborah Soria and IBBY Italy, I am pleased to forward you a call to take part in the 11th IBBY Camp on Lampedusa island from 22 to 29 October 2023.


The Camp is a uniquely enriching and meaningful experience where volunteers from different horizons can contribute to the activities of the IBBY Library on Lampedusa. The Library opened in 2016 with the support of a grant from the IBBY Foundation. It has never closed since then, and remains to date the only library on the island.

Volunteers can learn, teach and explore together innovative ways to use books, and feed their interest for silent books, as the Library is host to the complete IBBY Silent Book Collection. 

The camp is also an occasion to meet other people who share a passion for the work of IBBY and want to understand more about migration processes in the Mediterranean.


The camp has run for over a decade, and you can read about past editions on the IBBY website.


The attached PDF contains a formal invitation as well as details about the programme.


Thank you for sharing this email with your National Section’s members and friends.

The team of the IBBY Library in Lampedusa is looking forward to welcoming you this Autumn!