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Michael Breen 5월20일 작가와의 만남 -'The New Koreans'

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Meet Michael Breen at Seoul Book and Culture Club on May 20th. Michael is coming to talk about his new book 'The New Koreans'. Michael is a writer and consultant who first came to Korea as a correspondent in 1982. He covered North and South Korea for several newspapers, including the Guardian, The Times and the Washington Times. Few are more knowledgeable about Korea than Michael Breen, a trained journalist who's lived here for many years and whose connections go right to the very heart of the country.  (www.facebook.com/events/193478934502141/)

'The New Koreans'


There can hardly be a country in modern Asia that we need to know more about. This book, written by an expert, explains the history, the business and the culture of South Korea, and where its future lies.


In the course of a couple of generations, South Koreans took themselves out of the paddy fields and into Silicon Valley, establishing themselves as a democracy alongside the advanced countries of the world. Yet for all their ambition and achievement, the new Koreans are a curiously self-deprecating people. Theirs is a land with a rich and complex past, certain aspects of which they would prefer to forget as they focus on the future.


Having lived and worked in South Korea for many years, Michael Breen considers what drives the nation today, and where it is heading. Through insightful anecdotes and observations, he provides a compelling portrait of Asia's most contradictory and polarized country. South Koreans are motivated by defiance, Breen argues: defiance of their antagonistic neighbour, North Korea, of their own history and of international opinion. Here is an overlooked nation with, great drive, determined to succeed on its own terms.


Praise for 'The New Koreans'


‘If someone is going to live in Korea or do business with the Koreans, this is certainly the book to read.  It gives informative and deep introduction to this fascinating (and not well-known) country, and, in addition, it is an engaging read.’

— Andrei Lankov, author of The Dawn of Modern Korea


‘Breen is back, and better than ever.  This is a broad and deep exposition of South Korean history, politics, economy and society that will have even the oldest Korea hands going 'I never knew that'. Top drawer stuff.’

— Daniel Tudor, author of Korea: The Impossible Country


‘As Alexis de Tocqueville did with Americans of the 1830s, Michael Breen probes 21st century Koreans to the very core of their being.  Never hesitating to skewer their fascinating idiosyncrasies, he paints a loving and, overall, admiring portrait highlighting strengths that in rapid-fire order have made the Republic of Korea an economic powerhouse and, now, a cultural exemplar. Not only is The New Koreans magnificent in its sweep and depth; as a bonus, it's way too much fun to read.’

— Bradley K. Martin, author of Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty


Event host Barry Welsh was a columnist for the Hankook Ilbo, the host of Seoul Book and Culture Club (www.facebook.com/groups/seoulbookandcultureclub/), and the organizer of Seoul Film Society (www.facebook.com/groups/seoulfilmsociety/).


행사를 주최하는 배리 웰시는 한국일보의 칼럼니스트이자 서울북앤컬쳐클럽 (www.facebook.com/groups/seoulbookandcultureclub/) 서울필름소사이어티 (www.facebook.com/groups/seoulfilmsociety/) 운영자이며 www.seoulabc.com 웹사이트를 개설하였습니다.


Date: Saturday 20th May

날짜: 5 20


Time: 4pm.

시간: 오후 4


Admission fee: 5,000 won.

참가비: 5천원

Place: Haechi Hall in Seoul Global Cultural Center

(5th Floor M Plaza in Myeong-dong) (www.facebook.com/Seoulcenter3789/)


장소: 서울글로벌문화체험센터 해치홀 (명동 M플라자 5)

오시는 길은 다음 링크를 참조하시기 바랍니다.



(Call Barry on 010 5138 8859 if you get lost or can't find it and I will come meet you at exit 6 Myeong-dong station.)

(행사 장소를 찾기 어려우시면 010-5138-8859 배리 웰시에게 전화를 주세요. 명동역 6 출구로 마중나가겠습니다.)

Barry Welsh
TESOL MA / Film Studies MSc

Dongguk University

Assistant Professor
Department of English Linguistics, Interpretation and Translation

Seoul Film Society
Host / Organizer

Seoul Book and Culture Club
Host / Organizer 

Tel. 010-5138-8859


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